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Clothing Display

UDIZINE offers a wide variety of clothing displays for hanging, shelving and signage. Each display system can be used independently to cater to all your clothing store display needs, while creating a unique, custom look that is aesthetic without compromising functionality.

Outrigger Systems

Wall-to-floor systems — from practical and sturdy to elegant displays, choose the one that best fits your store. Palo System | Outrigger Tube System | Outrigger

Wall Mounted Systems

From practical and sturdy to elegant display systems, we have the wall-mounted solution for you! All you have to do is create the combination that best fits your store. SlatStrip | Pre-Designed Modules SoloSlat UniSlat

Retail clothing display

When it comes to clothing, aesthetics are everything. That’s why, whether you sell T-shirts, designer fashion or budget-friendly kids’ clothes, you won’t be able to market your clothes well without the proper display products. Make your store the ideal retail showcase — use our systems for retail clothing display to set up and arrange the products that you sell. UDIZINE offers a wide variety of clothing display options for hanging, shelving and signage — all specially created to serve you.

As part of your complete store arrangement and layout, our displays can cater to all your clothing store display needs, creating a unique, custom look that is aesthetically pleasing without compromising functionality. Each system of clothing fixtures is designed to be used independently, so it can showcase clothing attractively while complementing your store. We offer these simple yet eye-catching display systems to make it easy for you to arrange and feature your products in a manner that entices customers to buy them.

Clothing display — different types for your store

In the world of clothing sales, before anyone can notice your clothes, you must have a way to display them. That’s where clothing display options come into play — we offer a variety of possibilities, from the wall-to-floor Outrigger system to the wall-mounted system to suspended displays and more. Look through the various systems and accessories we offer for effective clothing displays. Then, talk to our experts about which clothing store display system or combination of systems will work best in your shop. Through our modular store displays, you can design the kind of store that entices customers and helps you make sales.

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