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Wall Mounted Systems

Make the most of your store’s perimeter space with wall-mounted display shelves from UDIZINE! Whether you sell clothing, shoes, sporting equipment or other products, using a wall-mounted display is a necessity. It maximizes marketing space, gives customers more to look at and prompts more sales.

At UDIZINE, we create some of the best custom wall-mounted display systems in the industry. Shop our catalog to choose from a wide variety of wall fixtures. All function independently or can be combined to create a full store solution. From the basic SlatStrip to the high-end UniSlat and SoloSlat, our products help you make the most of your retail space

What Makes Our Wall-Mounted Display Solutions Unique?

Whether you’re talking about wall-mounted shelves for spa products or a wall-mounted clothing rack for retail, displaying products on walls is a foundational part of modern merchandising. A retail wall display gets products in front of customers, allowing you to stage items at eye level or near the checkout to entice people to make more purchases. Whether you sell food, clothes, beauty products or auto parts, you can benefit from these smart retail display solutions. Wall-mounted display shelves take empty wall space and turn it into a useful marketing tool.

Types of Merchandise You Can Display on Wall-Mounted Systems

A variety of merchandise is well suited for wall displays, from clothes and shoes to sporting goods and housewares — making retail wall displays exceptionally versatile. Mount shelves for shoes, rods for sunglasses or hanging racks for clothes — anything you sell can be display on your walls. Shop our online selection for inspiration with possibilities that can work with your inventory of products.

Benefits of Retail Wall Display Solutions

No matter what you sell, wall-mounted systems from UDIZINE have many benefits to offer your retail store. Consider the following:
• Customizable to your space through our extensive range of shelving kits and fixtures
• An efficient way to use the space around your store’s perimeter
• The ability to make items more noticeable and eye-catching
• A way to encourage customers to touch and feel products

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Give your store a fresh, new look with UDIZINE modular display fixtures! When you’re ready to learn more about the best in wall display solutions, from a wall-mounted clothing rack for retail to a tube system of shelving, shop our site! Place an order or contact us anytime to make your store more of a showcase.