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Hat wall display — Ball & Bag Displays

Blade will help you achieve a minimal & clean look and create a high-end wall display that is both impressive and dynamic. Mix & match the hat, ball & bag displayers or select one of the available ready-made combinations.

Metal Strip Displayer for Four Bags, Wall Mounted - Blade


Strip Length: 48"

Displayers Per Section: 4

Mounting: Wall

Accessories Material: Steel, Satin Platinum Finish

SKU:  BLK05-1M48

Metal Strip Displayer for Six Hats, Wall Mounted - Blade


Strip Length: 48"

Displayers Per Section: 6

Mounting: Wall

Accessories Material: Steel, Satin Platinum Finish

SKU:  BLK03-1M48

48" Metal Strip Displayer with 16 Slits - Blade


Dimensions: 1" W x 1/2" D

Distance Between Slits: 3"

Max Weight Load: 110 lbs.

Material: Aluminum, Anodized Silver Finish


Hat Displayer - Blade


Length: 8-3/4"

Arm Length: 5"

Max Weight Load: 4 lbs

Material / Finish: Steel, Satin Platinum Finish

SKU:  BLA-02

Bag Displayer - Blade


Length: 5-3/4"

Width: 4-3/4"

Arm Length: 5"

Max Weight Load: 4 lbs

SKU:  BLA-04

Ball Displayer - Blade


Length: 8-1/2"

Diameter: 7"

Arm Length: 5"

Max Weight Load: 4 lbs

SKU:  BLA-03

Sign  Displayer - Blade


Length: 3-1/4"

Arm Length: 5"

Max Sign Size: 17" x 11

Max Weight Load: 4 lbs

SKU:  BLA-05

Mix hat, bag & ball displayers to create high-end displays, with the easily reconfigured blade system.

Flexible and versatile hat wall display

Among the elements of visual merchandising, wall displays are considered to be one of the most direct tools in attracting customers. UDIZINE has come up with hat wall display systems that effectively introduce your products to your customers by enhancing their retail experience.

It has been found that visual merchandising is extremely critical for the retailers to attract customers and to make their brands consistently understood by them. To increase and maintain sales you must have retail display systems that attract the customers to come close and explore the items. The overall retail display system should have a clean and clutter-free look so that your customers get a sense of your brand. Your retail displays should tell them a story that you want to narrate.

Hat wall displays for funny and quirky feel

A minimal and clean feel to your" wall mounted display systems often helps you in creating the funny and cheerful environment that your customers may want. We have designed thin strips having hidden slits that are highly functional yet hardly noticeable. You can consult with our experts to find out the ideal configuration to be used for installing these hat wall displays. We have blade hat, bag and sign displayers in different configurations and blade strips that are easy to reconfigure. So, you may change them intermittently to give a fresh look. You can change the look and feel of your place seasonally as well by displaying different products at different times of the year. This makes your customers see wide variety of products throughout the year.

We have ready-made combinations of wall mounted retail display systems that come in various combinations. Explore our full range of products today and select the ones you need for your type of products.