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Beauty Salons & Retail - A Perfect Match!

How to Create Your Very Own Beauty Salon Retail Area.

We all love the feeling of coming straight from the salon. We smell and look fantastic and we are often willing to spend a lot on retail salon products to keep that feeling going. But let’s face it, most people don’t like sales. Selling retail doesn't come naturally to everyone and most hair stylists or beauticians often feel embarrassed and don’t really want to behave like a used car salesman. However, these numbers will make all you salon owners out there very happy and willing to create a retail area in your salon. According to a recent salon & spa study:

  • If a customer buys 2 retail products, there's a 60% chance they’ll revisit.
  • If a customer buys 1 retail product, there's a 30% chance they’ll revisit.
  • If a customer buys 0 retail products, there's a 10% chance they’ll revisit.

Now consider this: Typically, a customer visits every 4-6 weeks. Imagine the potential profit increase, if some of these customers visited twice a week!

Beauty Salons & Retail - A Perfect Match!

But where to start? Well luckily you don’t need a lot of space in order to create your very own salon retail area. All you really need are a few strategically placed shelves or better yet a wall shelving unit, that is accessible to customers and located next to a high traffic area of your salon. A great place would be next to the reception desk where customers immediately notice the products before talking to the receptionist or next to a simple tea and coffee area, which will make customers rise out of their chairs and into your retail area in search of some refreshing beverages.

Beauty Salons & Retail - A Perfect Match!


It is super important to keep it simple if you want to sell more! Do not create too many choices for your customers, since research has shown that when faced with too many choices customers get tired and head for the salon door empty-handed. Also it’s important to provide plenty of guidance by adding shelf and labeling signage and by providing a free advice in order to reduce their feeling of confusion.

Beauty Salons & Retail - A Perfect Match!

Last but not least - remember to keep all products at eye level. Why at eye level? Since eye level is buy level! Retailers have been using this technique for decades and know for a fact that the prime eye-level shelves result in maximum profit – and that’s exactly what we plan to achieve!

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