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Focal wall

How To Use A Focal Wall To Increase Profitability

The feature wall, also known as a focal wall, plays an important role in business. When done right, this critical element of visual merchandising has the power to boost foot traffic, introduce new products, re-awaken interest in older items, and increase profitability for your store.

Focal wall

What Is a Focal or Feature Wall?
The focal or feature wall typically can be seen from the store’s entrance. It’s the most noticeable wall in the retail space, but it doesn’t have to be the largest. It’s all about the visibility. Feature walls have the potential — when their design is maximized — to not only capture the attention of customers and establish the store’s brand and message, but to help increase profitability for your business.

Essential Tips for Feature Wall Design

Visual merchandising introduces your products to shoppers. If done right, it can entice the customer to check out items, providing the opportunity to learn more about the product and offering interaction that can help improve sales conversions. When creating a feature wall’s design, certain techniques can take the overall presentation from average to outstanding.

Stuck for feature wall ideas? Stick to a few basic design tips ideal for visual merchandising that work easily with all types of products and display spaces:

The central point for the focal wall: Have a single focal point on the wall that immediately draws attention. It may be a graphic, large mirror, new product or even the store’s logo.

• Rule of three: Group items in threes or other odd number combinations; three shelves, three waterfalls, three related products.

• Rely on a theme: Themes tie your visual merchandising story together. The feature wall should present and/or introduce the theme clearly.

This can be done by highlighting a new product, focusing on a brand, or spotlighting a season. In addition, never forget the importance of lighting in relation to visual merchandising. Spotlights and accent lighting can increase the impact of the feature wall. If it's too dim or dark, customers won’t be drawn to it.

Feature Wall Display Fixtures Make a Difference

The feature wall should make the strongest visual merchandising statement in the store. Let the professionals at UDIZINE help you decide which modular display fixtures will tell your story best and work to create a feature wall that pops. At UDIZINE, we offer a range of products ideal for all product displays including apparel, shoes and sporting goods. Rely on our Slatwall accessories for spotlighting this season’s newest fashion looks or our tempered glass shelves to showcase home goods like frames and candles. Our Palo system is a sleek, sturdy and stylish way to create a feature wall that’s easy to install, customize and re-configure, as needed.

Contact UDIZINE today for more information on available display fixtures and accessories to help create your perfect feature wall and increase the store’s profitability. Our team will work with you to determine the best possible display and storage solution for your store’s space.

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