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Pro Shops - The Next Generation

A trip to the gym doesn’t have to be boring! 

(Customer Project: Mountainside Fitness, Phoenix, AZ)

For most people, working out in a boring environment, around a bunch of strangers doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, and if they have the option to do, well, pretty much anything else, why would they choose to go to the gym?
That’s where Gym Pro Shops come in! Health & fitness should be a lifestyle, not a chore. And who doesn’t like shopping? It’s fun, it’s easy and most important – will keep gym members in the gym.

Pro Shops - The Next Generation

It’s important to keep your pro shop in front of your members eyes, and to make sure they can touch the products you want them to buy!

Here’s a great example that shows how little space you really need to start a pro shop. All you need is just a corner of your lobby area, that is accessible to clients, and some wall mounted displays such as Slatstrip. Remember, vertical space is space, and wall mounted fixtures are a great way to utilize this precious space.

Pro Shops - The Next Generation


And don’t forget the most important aspect: Location, Location , Location – if clients can see the pro shop every time they enter or exit the building – you got it right!

Pro Shops - The Next Generation

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Customer Project: 

Mountainside Fitness

Phoenix, AZ

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