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How Retail Industry Changes are Affecting Brick & Mortar Stores

How Changes In The Retail Industry Are Affecting Brick-And-Mortar Stores

The retail industry doesn’t stand still. It experiences frequent shifts and brick-and-mortar stores must keep up, making effective changes to embrace trends and exceed customer expectations. However, one thing that remains constant for physical stores is the need for appealing displays. Addressing industry shifts without compromising or losing the impact of your displays is essential.

How Retail Industry Changes are Affecting Brick & Mortar Stores

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Storylines Sell

Static displays often lack impact, which reduces customer interest, interaction and conversions. Shoppers want a complete experience, one that’s rewarding on multiple levels — beyond just the acquisition of an item. Displays with storylines can work to create emotional connections. Tell a story and you can invoke emotions while simultaneously presenting important information. A display with a storyline helps convey the brand more effectively, establishes a value and/or point of difference, and creates an important connection for the customer.

Consumers Are Informed

Before a shopper steps into the physical store, he or she is armed with information and preset opinions regarding brand and even individual items. We live in a world of instant information and choices, especially when it comes to retail. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to experience an overload. Embrace the concept that your shoppers are informed and structure displays to match. Avoid assaulting the senses with a display that features every color choice and instead keep it simple, focusing on a showroom-style experience. Spotlight one item to attract customers and allow its features to shine without the distraction of a cluttered display space.

Integration of Digital Concepts

It’s natural that the online world flows into the physical one. How consumers shop virtually can and should influence their experience in your brick-and-mortar store. The integration of digital concepts into displays increases customer interaction and has the power to boost sale conversions. Whether it’s interacting with a video demo or accessing product details, technology should play a role in the shopping experience.

Shift to Shop Local

Online shopping isn’t going away anytime soon. However, a shift to shop local has begun to increase in popularity and particularly impacts small retailers and boutique-style businesses. When consumers choose to shop local, they want it all — from the perfect product to sophisticated displays that elevate the look and feel of the store. With sleek and modern modular displays, it’s cost-efficient and easy to create the displays that make the most impact and keep your locals coming back for more.

Shopper Expectations

Shoppers are savvy about what they want and have high expectations when they take the time to visit a physical store. While online shopping provides a certain convenience, the excursion to a brick-and-mortar store is about the experience. Meet your shoppers’ expectations with the right combination of knowledgeable and friendly associates plus visual merchandising displays that engage the imagination and connect with their emotions.


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