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Why Your In-Store Display Isn't Working

Why Your In-Store Display Isn't Working

In-store displays have the power to draw traffic, create customer-product interaction, and generate sales conversions. When the display doesn’t do its job, it’s important to identify the issue(s) of why it’s not working. Often, the reasons are a combination of factors and we’ve compiled a list of the most common.

Low or No Visibility

If the customers can’t see the display, it’s not going to work. Displays need proper lighting — whether it’s general lighting or a spotlight to draw focus to a specific item. If the display is in the shadows, blocked by racks, or too far off the main traffic flow, it won’t have an impact.

Too Plain, Boring or One-Dimensional

The human eye naturally is drawn to bright, colorful or unique looks. A display that lacks dimension will fall flat. Make a monochromatic display pop by giving it a stark white background. Group items using the “rule of three” and don’t be afraid to add staggering heights with display stands to create visual interest.

Doesn’t Encourage Interaction

Conversions increase when customers have the opportunity and desire to interact with a display. For example, according to video marketing company Animoto, “73% [MOU1] of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand.” Create displays that encourage interaction and make the customer want to touch and get closer to the product, if possible.

Too Cluttered or Distracting

A visual merchandising display that assaults the senses can drive away customers. If it’s cluttered to the point where it’s difficult to sort through items or find pricing, the display won’t work. You don’t want to put your customers on information overload, causing them to walk away.

Difficult to Understand

Does your display tell a story or have a theme? Is there a disconnect between the product and display (e.g., fall decor but summer products)? A display that is hard to understand decreases the potential for conversions. If customers can’t distinguish the products from the display, they won’t make a connection and their cart will remain empty.

Complicated Design or Setup

It can be hard to take display idea from concept to actuality. When creating the concept for visual merchandising display, sometimes simplicity makes a difference. Always consider the need for electrical hook-up and the display’s location. Some areas of the store may not have very accessible outlets. Anticipate setup challenges and rely on nonpermanent, easy-to-move display systems such as the Palo System Clothing Displays. With this option, you can stylishly mix shelves, handrails, and signage — yet easily reconfigure them anytime.

Maintaining current customers and attracting new ones means providing the best in-store shopping experience possible. Visual merchandising displays play an important role in this. UDIZINE has what you need for creating stylish, easy-to-update and impactful displays. From customizable clothing, displays to sign displays and countertop stands, trust UDIZINE to help you make the most out of each in-store display.


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