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26inch retail vertik stand with 24 hooks chic black 1 section vrdb24hooks
26inch retail vertik stand with 24 hooks chic black 1 section vrdb24hooks


26″ Retail Vertik Stand with 24 Hooks | Chic Black, 1-Section

W/8 Hanging rail for hooks

26" 2-Way Vertik Stand with hooks for shoes, lingerie, school supplies...

Setting Dimensions: 26" W x 56" H
Hooks: L12", D5/16"


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    26" Floor Vertik Stand Extension Unit, Chic Black VRS02-FE | $229


    24" Hanging Rail For Hooks & Accessories | Vertik Component, Chic Black VR110DB | $22


    12" Hook D-5/16" | Vertik Component, Chic Black VR123DB | $6


    24" Retail Display Clothing Hanging Rail Unit For Hangers | Vertik Component, Chic Black VR19DB | $39


    12" Round Tubing Faceout D-3/4" | Vertik Component, Chic Black VR114DB | $12


    Side Sign and Mirror Clamp Set (L&R | Vertik Component, Chic Black VR119DB | $8


    Top Sign Displayer | Vertik Component, Chic Black VR118DB | $6

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A simple all-in-one system for maximizing your wall space in just about every way possible. It’s great for any product type from Clothing to Perfumes to Homeware.

Easy Installation

Assembly Instructions
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    1.Assemble all part of mid floor stand

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    2.Attach hanging rail for hooks & accessories at required height

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    3.Add extension, accessories, top sign and sign clamp at required height


Tech Specs

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    Kit includes
    26″ 2-Way Vertik Stand
    12″ Hooks x 24

  • Specifications


    26″ 2-Way Vertik Stand

    Setting Dimensions: 26″ W x 56″ H


    90 Degree tip
    Length : 12″
    Diameter : 5/16″

    System: Metal, Chic Black
    Accessories: Metal, Chic Black

  • Maximum weight load (lbs)


    Max Weight Load: 250 Lbs
    Hooks: 22 Lbs

    * Limited by the weight load capacity of shelf supports
    ** UDIZINE recommends using tempered glass shelves only! If you plan to install regular glass shelves,
    note that the maximum weight load for regular glass is approx. 1/4 of tempered glass.

    The maximum weight load is based on an evenly distributed weight load between 2 points.
    The maximum concentrated weight load is approximately half the maximum evenly distributed load.

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