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93inch wall mounted retail hanging shelving display with 2 wood shelves 2 anging rails 1 section svc01 1c483
93inch wall mounted retail hanging shelving display with 2 wood shelves 2 anging rails 1 section svc01 1c483

SKU: SVC01-1C483

2×46″ SlatStrip Vertical Wall Mounted Retail Hanging and Shelving Display for 2 Wood Shelves with 2 Hanging Rails, 1-Section

The kit consists of 4 x 46" SlatStrip

SlatStrip unit for hanging and shelving clothes display

Setting Dimensions: 48" W x 93" H
For Shelf Depth: 14"- 16"
Material / Finish: Steel, silver frost finish
Shelves sold separately

Idle for clothing store, Sporting Goods and fitness center
Compatible with all UDIZINE and standard Slatwall accessories


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Looking to highlight a fashion line? Interested in showcasing shirts, skirts, jackets or other clothing? The SlatStrip system makes it simple. Choose from a variety of pre-designed clothing modules, or build a custom display with your own unique shelving, hanging and signage combination.

Easy Installation

Assembly Instructions
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    1.Slit faces upwards. Drill holes and apply anchors

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    2.Mount strip to the wall. Install the rest of the strips 24" or 22" apart, based on your setting.

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    3.Place brackets, hangrail signage, displayers and other accessories

Tech Specs

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    Kit Includes:
    46″ SlatStrip x 4
    14″ Wood Shelf Bracket x 4
    48″ Round Hangrail x 2

  • Specifications


    Setting Dimensions: 48″ W x 93″ H

    Length: 46″
    Slit Width: 2″
    Distance Between Slits : 2-3/4″
    Number of Slits : 17

    Round Hanging Rail
    Length: 48″
    Diameter: 1″

    Shelf Bracket
    Length : 14″
    Diameter : 3/4″

    Shelf Compatibility:
    Wood Shelves
    Length: 48″
    Depth: 14″- 16″
    Thickness: Wood Minimum 3/4″

    System Material: Steel, silver frost finish
    Accessories Material: Steel, silver frost finish

  • Maximum weight load (lbs)


    Max Weight Load: 260 lbs per strip
    88lbs per slit

    * Limited by the weight load capacity of shelf supports
    ** UDIZINE recommends using tempered glass shelves only! If you plan to install regular glass shelves,
    note that the maximum weight load for regular glass is approx. 1/4 of tempered glass.

    The maximum weight load is based on an evenly distributed weight load between 2 points
    The maximum concentrated weight load is approximately half the maximum evenly distributed load.

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