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Suspended Shelves

These flexible & modular shelving kits are ideal for creating eye catching window & showroom displays. All kits are available in a variety of sizes for both glass & wood shelves.

Suspended shelves for modern, futuristic retail space

Suspended retail display are unique systems that provide effective display solutions for your retail store’s windows. It can be either cable or tube systems that allow maximum use of your available space and showcases your items to the onlookers from outside. They need to be extremely appealing so that your customers feel like coming inside to get a closer look at your items. Suspended displays also work well within your store and UDIZINEhas solutions for both.

We have a wide range of wall and ceiling fixtures in both tube and cable systems. The cable system can be either attached on floor-to-ceiling or to the wall. You can choose the base system and then get the entire support kit to design your space accordingly.

The tube system works in much the same way as the cable systems. They can be easily customized with add-on combinations. With our suspended shelving display you can change the look of your store dramatically and entice your customers to physical touch and feel the items.

Accessories to install suspended shelves systems

We have all the accessories that you may need to install suspended shelves systems. Please browse through out catalogue and talk to our staff for any queries you may have. You get to see the technical details about the products and actual image of them, so that you know exactly how you would like to design your store.

Contact us for any kind of planning assistance and we would be happy to help!