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Cable System | Hanging Display

This sleek & elegant system is ideal for adding that special wow factor to your space! It's great for creating minimal
in-store & window displays - thanks to its' airy design which makes it practically see-through.

Signage Displays

Advertise in style! These minimal and aesthetically pleasing sign displays are ideal for displaying, prints, posters, and graphics in offices and showrooms.


Sleek and Elegant Hanging Display

Looking for a sleek, modern, eye-catching hanging display systems for displaying shoes, clothing, products, signs or advertising in your shop or office? We have extremely sophisticated cable display system for you in our online store. Such systems are ideal for adding that wow factor to your space. Featuring clear acrylic panels, it is made to draw attention to your products or the signage, instead of the cables themselves. You can use this kind of display to showcase pictures, special offers, seasonal products or any other messages or information you wish to communicate to your buyers. All the accessories for cable hanging systems are also offered by UDIZINE and can be ordered online.

Advantages of cable shelving

Cable shelving are great for creating minimal in-store and window displays that encourage visitors to go through the products and drive sales. They look seamless against the wall, drawing the eye to promotional material rather than the cable fixtures themselves. Also, UDIZINE cable shelving emphasizes information and/or products in an easy-to-see way. Whether you have ceiling hanging system promoting your business, a current menu selection at your restaurant, or clothing in your fashion line, you can do it beautifully with our displays.

Cable Hanging System in Various Sizes and Styles

Our sign panel displays and modular units of brand and directory signage can be used one after the other as per your available space. Its airy design makes it practically see-through, fitting it nicely with existing modern hanging systems, while effectively conveying your messages.

UDIZINE also has hanging shelf system for displaying variety of items including shoes, bags, sports gears, toys, trinkets and much more. We offer hanging display shelf and other accessories that you need to install them in your store. Our hanging display shelf systems are strong and fit to support the shelves and the items displayed on them.

Explore our offerings and get in touch with us anytime to talk about the possibilities or to place an order!