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SlatWall Accessories

People often say: "Slatwall is a functional solution but not a decorative one". Well, this problem can be easily solved, by choosing the right Slatwall accessories! We stock a wide variety of modern & stylish slatwall accessories: from shelf brackets, to waterfalls, hat, bag, sign or shoe displayers, so you can mix & match and let your imagination run wild.

SlatWall Accessories

A Wide Variety of Modern Slatwall Accessories

UDIZINE range of slatwall accessories

Slatwalls are perhaps the best solutions retailers have today for designing their space and reconfigure it as and when needed. Slatwall accessories have therefore become even more critical for installing the panels as per your choice and needs. UDIZINE has come up with the entire range of retail slatwall accessories that you may need for setting up a modern and stylish interior.

Which slatwall accessories you may need?

For complete set up of your shop you will need slatwall shelf brackets; slatwall faceouts and waterfalls; slatwall hangrails; slatwall fixtures; slatwall displayers for shoes; slatwall product displayers and slatwall hooks. UDIZINE has all of these available and in a wide range of configuration.

You can get slatwall shelf brackets for both glass and wood shelves and in different designs and finish. We have slatwall round tubing faceouts, wire faceouts, straight and L arms and waterfall. Choose our hangrails for your clothes display and easily modify or reconfigure them to display fashion accessories or home products like kitchenware.

In slatwall accessories retailers always search for slatwall shoe displayers that have great functionality and wonderful finish. UDIZINE now has a range of displayer for shoes with straight, angled, ellipse, flat, wire, W/Sign inserts and vertical displayers in different sizes. They can be easily installed and reconfigured without any technical helps.

We also have several displayers for various products like hats, bags, sign displayers, literature holders, sign pockets etc. You will get them in multiple finishes and sizes. Just by going through the product descriptions and actual images you will be able to decide on the items you would need for your space. We have also included complete installation instructions for your convenience.

For any planning assistance talk to us today and get the best solutions for your retail display space.