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Tube System

This elegant system combines strength & aesthetics. It's ideal for creating prestigious window & wall displays and can also function as see-through dividers within the retail space. The range includes outrigger and ceiling-to-floor units that can also be combined with top signage for branding or special promotions.

Shelving Displays

These shelving combinations are great for a wide variety of stores & products, from Homeware to Perfumes! This system's discreet composition combined with strong construction makes it ideal for creating both elegant and sturdy presentations.

Clothing Displays

Tube is ideal for creating modern fashion boutique displays! Each setting can include hanging, shelving and signage and can be located anywhere inside your store - window, mid-floor or wall. All you have to do is choose the installation type that best fits your design needs: either ceiling-to-floor or outrigger.

Combines Both Strength & Aesthetics