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SlatWall Hangrail

SlatWall Hangrail

SlatWall 48" Hanging Rail with Brackets - Concepto


Length: 48"

Material / Finish: Silver Frost Finish


SlatWall 48" Hanging Rail,  Brackets are Not Included


Length : 48"

Material & Finish: Silver Frost Finish

SKU:  SW1104SP

SlatWall 12" Hanging Rail Single Bracket


Length: 12"

Material / Finish: Silver Frost Finish


Slatwall Hangrail for Retail Clothing Display

Slatwall Hangrail is a popular display tool commonly used by retailers selling clothes, accessories, bags, sports items etc. UDIZINE has some versatile wall mount hangrail systems that are easy to install. Our railbars come with clean and clutter free look and finish that nicely complement your quality items.

You can buy Hangrail W/stoppers, rail brackets or just the hangrails depending on your requirements from our online stores. We also have hooks to be fitted on the rails and other accessories so that you get every item at one place. These items come with matching finish and design and never look odd or out of place. Depending on the décor of your shop’s interior you can choose the rail and other accessories.

If you have any question regarding wall mount hangrail systems, you can directly talk to us. Our executives will help you in selecting the right items and will also be able to guide on their installations and set up.