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SlatWall Hooks

SlatWall Hooks

Two Tier Wire Faceout 12" 5/16'

48 pcs Box $1 per unit


8" SlatWall Hook


Length : 8"

Diameter: 1/4"

Material & Finish: Silver Frost Finish


SlatWall 12" Two Tier Wire Faceout, Chrome Finish - Concepto


Length: 12"

Max Weight Load: 11 lbs

Material / Finish: Chrome Finish


10" SlatWall Hook, Chrome Finish


Length : 10"

Diameter: 1/4"

Material & Finish: Chrome Finish


SlatWall Hook Lock


Diameter: 0.7"

Material / Finish: Silver Frost Finish


Importance of Good Quality Slatwall Hooks

Slatwall display systems are widely being used by the retail space owners due to the hooks, arms and fixtures that can be fixed to change the look and feel of the store easily. Slat board accessories including arms, slat wall hooks, two tier hooks, hook locks etc. are to be chosen depending on the types of products to be displayed.

Slat Board Accessories for Wide Range of Products

UDIZINE has huge stock of slatwall display items and matching slatboard accessories for different types of items to be displayed, including rotating arms for football display or millinery arms for displaying hats. These accessories can also be used for displaying other items like bags, belts, clothes, toys, light jewelries etc.

Wide Varieties in Slatwall Hooks

Hooks may look tiny and insignificant but their importance is felt when one of them starts malfunctioning. It should have the right kind of threads, smooth finish and appealing look, so that they are easy to fix, look nice when fixed on the slatwalls and do not damage the items displayed on it. You can find every technical detail about our products online including the length of the hook and its weight. Retail wall hooks should not only look good, they should support the weight when the one products are displayed on it. The retailer should be able to install the accessories easily and change their positions when new arms are to be added or items are to be relocated.

Explore our online gallery today, and find out the right items needed for decorating your retail display space.