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FREE SHIPPING* on orders over $500 excluding shelves )  OR  15% DISCOUNT on large orders  Learn more >>

Terms & Conditions


We accept all major US credit cards and PayPal up to $5000. For payments between $5000 and $7000 additional identification is required along with front and back copies of the credit card

For orders above $7000, payment by wire transfer is required. In these cases our customer service representative will contact you

For international orders up to $3000 with payment by non-US credit cards – identification of cardholder and copies of the front and back of the card are required. Orders with a value of over $3,000 require a wire transfer


Minimum Handling Fee

We will gladly fill any size order. All orders under $50 in value are subject to a $15 handling fee


Free Shipping

All orders of $500 or more of eligible items*, qualify for Free Shipping.
*Only for UPS Ground shipping, excluding shelves and coupon discounts.



In the case of damage claims not related to shipping i.e. technical problems with products or surface damages, please provide a brief description of the problem along with clear photos to our customer service department sales@udizine.com . Once information is received it will be reviewed by our technical experts. We will then contact you to advise the course of action to follow.