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Shipping, Terms & Conditions

Note: There may be delays in outgoing shipments due to Covid-19. UDIZINE is making every effort to ship orders in a timely fashion.


We accept all major US credit cards and PayPal up to $5000. For payments between $5000 and $7000 additional identification is required along with front and back copies of the credit card

For orders above $7000, payment by wire transfer is required. In these cases, our customer service representative will contact you

For international orders up to $3000 with payment by non-US credit cards – identification of cardholder and copies of the front and back of the card are required. Orders with a value of over $3,000 require a wire transfer

For order cancelation prior to shipment, As there are costs involved there is a 3% transaction fee with a minimum charge of $25


Minimum Handling Fee

We will gladly fill any size order. All orders under $100 in value are subject to an $18 handling fee


Over $500 Orders Free Shipping

Our free shipping offers exclude Shelves and Over Size items. 

The shipping is based on UPS Ground Service and can be replaced with Freight Service. 

UDIZINE can change product eligibility for free shipping. 



In the case of damage claims not related to shipping i.e. technical problems with products or surface damages, please provide a brief description of the problem along with clear photos to our customer service department sales@udizine.com.

Please note that the products need to be maintained in original packing. Once information is received it will be reviewed by our technical experts. We will then contact you to advise the course of action to follow.




Note: There may be delays in outgoing shipments due to Covid-19. UDIZINE is making every effort to ship orders in a timely fashion.

What are the shipping & order processing times?

• Orders received by 11:00 am EST will ship same day 
• Orders received after 11:00 am EST will ship on the following business day 
• All items on order must be in stock
• Same day shipping is not offered on weekends, holidays or other posted closings
• Same day shipping applies only to orders shipping by UPS and not orders shipping by freight


Where do you ship from? 

 All our orders ship from our PA warehouse


Where do you ship to?

We can ship to any address in the US and Canada


What is the cost of shipping?

For your convenience, we have included a shipping calculator so that you know the shipping cost at the time of placing your order


Free Shipping

All orders of $500 or more of eligible items*, qualify for Free Shipping.
*Only for UPS Ground shipping (the USA only), excluding shelves, coupon discounts and Oversize items (over 96")


Is freight shipping available?

For larger orders, usually over $3000, we can provide a freight quote. If this option is selected during the checkout, one of our customer service representatives will contact you with a quote


How are the address corrections handled?

Any additional charges by UPS due to insufficient or incorrect delivery information will be charged to your credit card upon receipt (i.e. no suite or apartment number, wrong zip code, the recipient has moved or has requested delivery to a new address, return shipping). Please check your printed invoice or email confirmation and contact us with any changes. Once we ship, we cannot make any changes. The UPS address correction charge for UPS Ground service is $12.50 per package


What should be done in the case of damages or shortages?

It is important that you count and check the number of cartons that match the amount listed on the manifest and inspect cartons for any external damage. Make sure any damage or shortage is noted on the bill before signing.

If you discover damage after opening the package please call UPS to report the damage. Save all packing materials and follow UPS instructions regarding damaged merchandise. Please contact us after you have reported the damage to UPS so that we can ship replacement merchandise

All shortages must be reported to our Customer Service Department at sales@udizine.com within 7 days of receipt of the order

For damages and claims not related to shipping see Claims in our Terms & Conditions


What should I do if I want to make a return?

See Returns on our Return Policy page